Civil & Constructors

Construction of offices, using pre cast walls & pre engineered buildings including finishing and furnishing. Site development – Excavation, Backfilling, Surveying & levelling Construction of concrete structure and concrete paving for industrial plant amenities.

This division started in 2007 .Its mission is to develop general construction bids where turnkey solutions are required by the client. These construction activities include the Supply and Installation of Water proofing, Air conditioning, Ducting, General Contracting, Housing Construction, Building Maintenance, Infrastructure Works, Mechanical Maintenance and other General Maintenance Works in the Refineries. Nowadays we mainly deal in Construction works. These include Excavation, Grading, Cutting and filling, Back filling, Masonry, Demolition and Buildup, wall siding, Installation of new decorative sidings, Board Cladding and Mineral finish, external and Internal Carpentry, General electrical works, Re roofing, General Painting, Structural Steel, External Façade, General Welding and Pipe Working, Fire Protection and Alarm systems, concrete repair and injection, Installation of sports flooring, Air-conditioning Climate control systems and other Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Works.

Our Expertise Includes :

  • Executing site development set outing and layout, surveying, and leveling.
  • Construction of concrete structures and concrete paving for industrial plant amenities.
  • Construction of multistoried and residential buildings including finishing and furnishing.
  • Preparation of technical procedure for the works to be under taken.
  • Preparation of QC Dossier and As-built drawings for submittal.

Our Works

Civil Construction & Electrical Works.