About Swadesh

As a reliable leader at the forefront of the industrial services sector. Swadesh General Trading is geared to meet the challenge of today’s industrial world and provides range of customized solutions to its clients in the united Arab Emirates including plant turnaround services. Specialized maintenance services, Engineered cleaning services and waste management services Custom – designed equipment, combined with one of the newest and largest equipments fleets in the industry, enable Swadesh to deliver a faster support effectively and safely. Operation bases in key industrial locations. Combined it a large fleet of mobile equipment and highly skilled execution team allow us to handle multiple large turnaround and support services with unmatched speed, effectiveness and safety.

Our approach to the project management envisages pre-engineering essentials such as scheduling, estimating, planning, reviewing etc. To help our customers to minimize the costly time down. These also help differentiation critical and non critical tasks and thereby enchanting overall accuracy for achieving targets.

Our nature of problem solving and commitment to excellence help us deliver the services faster, safer & Better.


Vision & Mission

To establish and develop ourselves as general contracting service provider aspirin to be positioned and recognized alongside contracting business leaders of the UAE.

Our Values

We are an establishment of integrity, conducting our business with the highest ethical standard and within applicable laws. We conduct our activities in fair and transparent business setting and maintain appropriate relationships with all our stake older. We are committed to the well being of our employees, respecting there diversities, personalities and individualities. We are committed to protecting the environment in a provocative manner and looking after the community we operate within.